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Writing Content for Websites

Sep 29 2012

Understand page structure when writing for the web will help you get your site ready for search engine. you will be surprise…

Nice tutorial for building website from scratch

Jan 11 2012

Ben JonesĀ has created an amizing step by step tutorial walking you through all the steps that you will need to go through…

Soical Media is Heaven for Businesses

Dec 13 2011

If you have business and you have not used Facebook or twitter than this video for you

SEO – Get the most out of you Webmaster

Sep 05 2011

After you got your website up you would want to know; what Google sees in your website? Or is there is any…

Social Media

Jun 27 2011

People who don’t know what is Facebook, thinks that Facebook is crazy place, and don’t know where to start to learn about…

Twitter in Plain English

Jun 27 2011

So what is the different between Twitter and Facebook, or why would I use twitter for my business? Here is the answer…