Writing Content for Websites

September 29, 2012
Pro On Site

Understand page structure when writing for the web will help you get your site ready for search engine. you will be surprise that SEO is very easy just check this out, then update  your website and you will see the different in traffic to your site!

Page Name:

you want the page name to be very  short like “Masjid Locator” but at the same time has good keyword that will help in SEO.

 Page Title:

Google will display maximum of 65 character, which should include the top 3 or 4 keywords that you wants the page to be found with in Google.

Page Description/Summary:

This what people will see in Google search page in black, max 165 character. the summery can be use with images in slide show or if you have blog and it display post summery.

Page Keywords/Tags:

This very important for SEO, as it help adding keywords to your website.


Finally, the content which is the most impotent section of the page, it is what people will be reading in your page. This should have heads, formatted correctly, and contain other media (images, video, links).

Example from Google results when I search for “Masjid Locator” as keyword